Past Events


Concept and Framework for Development of a Reparations Programme for BiH

Our final workshop on Reparations, in the series of four, was held on the 30 November and 1 December. During these workshops we work on development of a Concept and Framework for development of a reparations programme for BiH. The starting point of our work was the recognition of un-sustainability of the current system in […]


Gender and Reparations

After the educational workshop we held on the subject of gender sensitive reparations, held in June this year, the Initiative is now starting its work on development of the framework program for gender sensitive reparations for Bosnia and Herzegovina. The first workshop will be held 2-3 September, aiming at defining the types of harms that […]


Ways forward – report from the workshop

On the 25 and 26 March 2015 we organised a workshop during which we considered the context within which women organisation in BiH act, as well as possible strategies for overcoming the identified problems. During the first part of the workshop the participants worked on different terminology frequently used during the discussions. There is a […]


How do we consolidate peace – sharing lessons from Northern Ireland

As part of the Initiatives on-going activities to provide the necessary information as to how to organise on specific issues and across nationalist divides, we organized a workshop that introduced the approach women from Northern Ireland took, in regards to the negotiations of the Good Friday Peace Agreement and their subsequent involvement in politics. Our […]


Access to economic and social rights – report from the first workshop

In July this year the first workshop on economic, social and cultural rights was held titled Strategizing for the Future. The participants discussed how access to economic, social and cultural rights looks like for the citizens of Bosnia, especially from the aspect of survivors of wartime rape, families of missing persons and returnees and IDPs. […]

Photo source: Cynthia Cockburn

Feminist solidarity conference Women Organising for Change in Syria and Bosnia

As part of the initiative a conference was held from 10-14 February 2014 in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. 20 representatives and activists from women groups and human rights organisations in Syria attended the conference along with 42 activists and representatives of women’s rights groups and civil society organisations from Bosnia and Herzegovina. The conference highlighted […]


Retrospective exercise

During fall and winter 2013 we organised a number of meetings between approximately 40 women from Bosnia that were active in different times and in different segments during the last 20 years. They were divided in seven thematic areas with two goals: to prepare briefs containing key lessons learned as preparation for the solidarity conference with […]