Workshop in Odessa, Ukraine


From 8-10 October peace organizations from Ukraine are in cooperation with Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom organizing a workshop in Odessa. The objective of the meeting is to bring Ukrainian civil society organizations, particularly women’s organizations, closer together in order to build and/or reinforce understanding of the on-going conflict situation and its impact on the country and, in particular, on women.

Activists from Bosnia and Herzegovina have been invited to attend this workshop and share their experience in organising and responding to the evolving conflict.

In June 2014 WILFP facilitated a meeting between few Ukrainian and Bosnian activists in Geneva. During that meeting the first exchange of experiences took place and the discussions covered issues such as the role of CSOs before, during and after a conflict. Many similarities were identified – the increasing exploitation of ‘national’ and ‘ethnic’, the use of linguistic differences to categorise and divide the population, and the force of patriotism and propaganda in the absence of an independent, objective and impartial media.

Considering the identified similarities the Ukrainian organizations expressed an interest do invite Bosnian activists to their next workshop that will be held between 8-10 October in Odessa, Ukraine. The idea is for the Bosnian activists to share experiences in their work with IDPs and refugees, to discuss access to justice and transitional justice, anti-trafficking, and generally the experiences on working within divided societies.

Soon you can read more about the impressions and conclusions from the meeting in the section “Blog posts”.