Unpacking the Warbox – workshop with prof. Cynthia Enloe


Professor Cynthia Enloe, from Clark University, US, a feminist and a researcher well know for her contributions with respect to understanding militarization and conceptualization of feminist international relations, joined us on 8 and 9 September for a workshop on militarization. During the workshop we tried to broaden our understanding of what militarization of the society is, and how militarization in fact is a way of thought. The aim of the workshop was to ‘unpack the war box’ and think about how we can act outside of that box.

The workshop was a logical outcome of the work the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) has been  doing in BiH. Our first step was to gather women’s organizations and activists in order to better understand participation, or the lack of it, in the peace negotiations and the extent of women’s participation in the post-war BiH. Following that we looked at the access to economic and social rights, which gave birth to a framework for development of gender sensitive reparations programme for BiH. The development of that particular document was supported by a detailed discussion on the different harms suffered by individuals in BiH, but also by the society as such. These discussions led us to defining a very specific violation – Forced militarization of the society. Having identified forced militarization of the society as a violation of the war we found it necessary to broaden our knowledge and understanding of the militarization as a process.

Full report can be downloaded from our section Library.