Mapping of women organisations and initiatives in BiH


We are currently doing a mapping of women organizations and initiatives that work within the field of “women, peace and security” agenda in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The mapping will give us a detail overview of activities, projects, initiatives, and platforms women organizations, activists or organizations that work on women’s human rights are implementing. The mapping is being conducted based on the request from organizations and activists participating in this Initiative.

The mapping will cover the different segments that the Bosnian CSO work within, such as: the work done in the field of criminal justice in regards to war crimes (witness support, cooperation with the justice sector etc.), psycho-social support to women survivors of wartime rape, the work done in the field of economic and social rights, participation of women in politics, and alike.

We are currently conducting field research and analyzing the data collected, while we are planning to finalize and launch the report at the beginning of the next year.

If you want your organization, initiative and activities to become part of this report, and our consultant has not contacted you, you can express your interest by sending email to