Application process for the study trip to Northern Ireland finalised


Based on the recently published call for applications for participation in a study trip to Northern Ireland, with the objective  to provide support to Bosnian women activists to engage in changing the narrative and nationalistic driven politics in Bosnia and Herzegovina and further develop their own activism based on the experiences of Northern Irish women, the selection process has been finalised with short listening of 25 applicants.

Considering the received applications a conclusion was made that the participants would benefit more from the exchange if additional preparatory steps are taken. In line with that it has been decided to postpone the trip to Northern Ireland to later this year, and use the upcoming period for preparations.

The preparations will start with a meeting for the shortlisted candidates to be held on 9-10 February 2015. At the meeting three activists from Northern Ireland Women’s Coalition will join us so that we jointly can open up themes for discussion and exchange.