Open letter to the European Union

Dear representatives of the European Union, The citizens of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia were recently presented with the EU Strategy for the so-called Western Balkans. In the words of the drafters this presents “a historic window of opportunity to firmly and unequivocally bind their future to the European Union”. While […]


Unpacking the Warbox – workshop with prof. Cynthia Enloe

Professor Cynthia Enloe, from Clark University, US, a feminist and a researcher well know for her contributions with respect to understanding militarization and conceptualization of feminist international relations, joined us on 8 and 9 September for a workshop on militarization. During the workshop we tried to broaden our understanding of what militarization of the society […]

Photo credi: Sanja Vrzić

Radical Peacemaker – Jasminka Drino Kirlić

I am a radical peacemaker because peace, for me, has no alternative. I want to share responsibility, I want to participate, I want to be asked, and I will not turn the other cheek around so that you can slap me in the face – just because I am a peacemaker. Do not underestimate my strength!


Feminist (re)interpretation of the Dayton Peace Agreement

On the 9 and 10 December 2015 we hosted a feminist dialogue with some of the renowned international and local academics on how societies transit from war to peace and how feminist approach to peace-building can help create sustainable peace. With this meeting we kicked-off our work on conceptualizing a comprehensive policy on how the understanding and […]


Concept and Framework for the Development of a Gender-Sensitive Reparations Program

A working group within the Initiative has finalised its work on The Concept and Framework for the Development of a Gender-Sensitive Reparations Program for Civilian Victims of War in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The work on this document was initiated in June 2015 and our starting point was our belief that a comprehensive and gender-sensitive reparations program would […]

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Call for Solidarity

CALL FOR SOLIDARITY During the last few months we have been seeing images that might as well have been taken at the beginning of 90’s – images of women, children and men fleeing from death and destruction, in search of a safe haven. During the 90’s it was the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina and […]


OPEN LETTER to the National Assembly of Republika Srpska regarding the Discussion on the Information and Recommendations of the Study on the Position of Serb Women Victims of Wartime Sexualized Violence in Bosnia and Herzegovina

On April 24th the Women Organizing for Change initiated an open letter to the National Assembly of Republika Srpska provoked by the discussion on the Information and Recommendations of the Study on the Position of Serb Women Victims of Wartime Sexualized Violence in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We thank all of you who signed the letter recognising […]


Workshop with the activists from Northern Ireland

After short listening 25 candidates for the study trip to Northern Ireland a workshop was organized on the 9 and 10 February, 2015 with participation from activists from Northern Ireland. They introduced the approach women from Northern Ireland took in regards to the negotiations of the Good Friday Peace Agreement and their subsequent involvement in […]


Application process for the study trip to Northern Ireland finalised

Based on the recently published call for applications for participation in a study trip to Northern Ireland, with the objective  to provide support to Bosnian women activists to engage in changing the narrative and nationalistic driven politics in Bosnia and Herzegovina and further develop their own activism based on the experiences of Northern Irish women, the […]


Workshop in Odessa, Ukraine

From 8-10 October peace organizations from Ukraine are in cooperation with Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom organizing a workshop in Odessa. The objective of the meeting is to bring Ukrainian civil society organizations, particularly women’s organizations, closer together in order to build and/or reinforce understanding of the on-going conflict situation and its impact on the country and, in particular, on women. Activists from Bosnia and Herzegovina have been invited to attend this workshop and share their experience in organising and responding to the evolving conflict.

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If women are left out of peace talks

“The exclusion of women from the process of making peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina has diminished the prospects for sustainable peace. When will we learn that no peace can be sustainable and just without the active and meaningful participation of women?” Read the full article ‘If women are left out of peace talks’ written by Gorana […]


Can our experiences contribute to peace activism in Ukraine?

As part of the Initiative, and at the invitation of women’s organizations from Ukraine, which in cooperation with WILPF organized the workshop Sharing Bosnian and Georgian Peace Building Experience in Ukraine, we visited Odessa from 7th to 11th October 2014. This was not our first meeting with the representatives of women’s organizations from Ukraine since we already met in Geneva in June 2014. However, this meeting was wider in scope and was attended also by Georgian activists and larger group of activists from Bosnia and Herzegovina.



OPEN LETTER to the National Assembly of Republika Srpska regarding the Discussion on the Information and Recommendations of the Study on the Position of Serb Women Victims of Wartime Sexualized Violence in Bosnia and Herzegovina

For years now nongovernmental organizations and individuals from Bosnia and Herzegovina, along with international experts and UN committees such as the Human Rights Committee, Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW), and the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, have been pointing to the lack of adequate legal protection of women who […]

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Statement on the occasion of the social protests in BiH

“The rule of law, including full respect for equality between citizen and assurance of equal participation of women and men in all spheres of live, are imperative for further development of Bosnia and Herzegovina” – concluded the women participating in a conference Women Organizing for Change in Syria and Bosnia.